About Us.


Mission Statement for Regrowth Organisation.

• To establish a permanent arts facility in the Tasman/Dunalley district.

• To develop community based projects with local and national artists.

• To bring a focus to the arts & further community arts development.

• To provide support to artists and community groups Australia wide.

The Regrowth Organisation is a registered, not for profit community organisation.

It is the goal of the Regrowth Organisation to build a world-class facility dedicated to the arts, with music production, visual arts spaces, theatre space, and a range of other vital services and facilities which will be based in the Tasman/Dunalley district.

Currently seeking funding for the purchase and set-up of a suitable property on the Tasman Peninsula, we aim to raise over $250,000 to make this a reality, we kindly ask for your support, either financial or otherwise, the need is great and our vision is clear, all we need is the capitol.

100% of donations to the Regrowth Concert Organisation will be utilised to fulfil this mission, assist artists and arts groups across Australia and cover the operational costs of the Regrowth  Organisation.

Resources for the Community.

Resources can often be scarce for artists and various community groups in Tasmania.

The Regrowth Organisation's mission is to establish a permanent arts/community facility with a broad range of large and small spaces for artists and community use, complete with all the tools they need to fulfil their creativity or simply hold a book group.

Some of the resources we aim to offer are:

·         Studio spaces for multiple artists practising multiple disciplines.

·         Asset library including: Tools, Instruments, Film/TV Production Equipment, Computers…

·         Knowledge Base: Workshops, Online Database, Training, Seminars, Mentoring.

·         Networking: Café/Lounge Area, Meeting Rooms, Super High-Speed NBN  Internet Access, Web/Social Media Training and Advice…

·         Professional Event Production Equipment and Services for Artists and Community Groups.

·         Plus Much More!


We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter: